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Course Listing - by Instructor

We are currently offering courses taught by the following instructors:

Assistant (to Michael Storm)

Fred Austin

Miguel Boriss

Kevin Boyd Kevin Boyd bio

Susan Browne Susan Browne bio

Jennifer Bryan-Goforth

Peter Burkland Peter Burkland bio

Australia Cosby

Karina Davidson Karina Davidson bio

Katie Davidson Katie Davidson bio

Annalee Dunn

Samuel Dunn

Robert Ellsworth

RoseAnne Featherston Rose Ann Featherston

Samantha Ferraro

Robert Fong

Margi Fox Margi Fox bio

Kanami Fujita

Joel Gillman

Nancy Grigsby Nancy Grisgby bio

Dawn Groves Dawn Groves bio

Kimberly Gustafson Join the Bricks & Beyond team for an engaging, hands-on learning experience for your child. Students are introduced to concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) while working with LEGO® models. This program integrates designing, programming, problem solving, creativity, and teamwork-all while being introduced to the world of robotics. Each course is customized to a specific age group to provide an optimal learning environment. Students receive a t-shirt and certificate celebrating their accomplishments. Since 2010, Bricks & Beyond has provided educational workshops throughout Whatcom County. LEGO®, LEGO Education, MINDSTORMS®, DUPLO®, SOFT®, and all related logos, the Brick and Knob configurations, and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. © 2014 The LEGO Group. All rights reserved. Bricks and Beyond programs are not authorized, sponsored or endorsed by The LEGO Group. This goes at the end of the box in small print.

Colleen Haggerty Colleen Haggerty bio

Trish Harding Trish Harding bio

Sara Harlan

Gina Henry Gina Henry-Cook bio

Charles Hoppe Chas Hoppe bio

Cheryl Jackson Cheryl Jackson bio

David Kappele David Kappele bio

Assefa Kebede

Maureen Kelly Maureen Kelly bio

Courtney Kendall

Virginia Lang Virginia Lang bio

Annette Lanker

Cooper Lanza

Brian Lawrence Brian Lawrence bio

Jean Layton ND Jean Layton bio

Jessica Lohafer

Margarett Mae Margarett Mae bio

Deborah McCunn Deborah McCunn bio

Cindy McKinney Kitchen Consultant for The Pampered Chef. Ran small catering company. Taught beginning cooking classes.

Cheryl McNulty LMP

Leigh Mcdiarmid Leigh Mcdiarmid bio

Gary Meader Gary Meader bio

Maria Monks Maria Monks bio

Karen Mullen Karen Mullen bio

Ramon Murillo

Kevin Murphy

Brian O'Neill Brian O'Neill

Debra Olberg Debra Olberg bio

Jesse Otero

Bill Pate Bill Pate bio

Chris Powell

Martha Raaka Martha Raaka Bio

Cynthia Ridings


Ken Salzman Ken Salzman Bio

Al Sanders Al Sanders bio

Zachary Scott

Ali Segersten

Julie Sessions

Janice Shepherd Janice Shepherd bio

Carol Sheppard Carol Sheppard bio

Rachel Simpson Rachel Simpson bio

D. Monique Stefens Monique Stefens bio

Sheila Steinborn

Russell Stevenson

Mark Stockton

Michael Storm

Dawn Stoyanoff Dawn Stoyanoff bio

Shannon Tallman

Katherine Taylor Katherine Taylor bio

Bruce Teper Bruce Teper bio

Matthew Thuney Matthew Thuney bio

Jason Valenti

Tara Vaughan

Andy Walton

Mark Warren Mark Warren bio

Jennifer Willner Jennifer Willner bio

Selva Wohlgemuth

W. Devin Wolf W. Devin Wolf bio