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Enrollment Progress Meter

The Enrollment Progress Meter shows you how far along you are in the Enrollment Process. There are 5 steps you must complete to enroll in a course:
  1. Add to Enrollment Card - click the Add to Enrollment Card button on the Course Information page to add it to your Enrollment Card.
  2. Register for Courses - when you've added all the courses to your Enrollment Card, click the Finish Registration button to continue the registration process.
  3. Enter Supplemental Data - some courses may require you to provide additional information (e.g a t-shirt size or meal preference). If one of the courses you are enrolling in requires additional information, the Supplemental Data page will open after you click the Finish Registration button.
  4. Enter Payment Data - enter your credit card (or invoice information if invoicing is allowed), then submit the payment information.
  5. Print Confirmation Page - print a copy of the registration confirmation for your records.

As you progress through the steps, the bars on the Progress Meter are filled in. When all bars are filled in, you've finished the registration process!

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